Union carbide corp interest rate risk management

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Union Carbide Corp.: Interest Rate Risk Management Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Asset/Liability Management Risk Modeling

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Asset Liability Management (ALM) can be defined as a mechanism to address the risk faced by a bank due to a mismatch between assets and liabilities either due to The primary forms of interest rate risk include repricing risk, yield curve risk, basis risk and optionality.

Union Carbide and Owens Corning are among four manufacturers whose plants have achieved to 15 percent energy efficiency improvements through a Department of Energy program, the DOE says.

The four plants, all in Texas, are participants of the Superior Energy Performance certification program. The corporation has political risk insurance coverage for its equity investment and, through September 30,substantially all of its guarantee of EQUATE's debt.

Supervision and Regulation Letters

The corporation is in the process of extending the political risk insurance for its debt guarantee through March 31, Interest Rate and Foreign Exchange Risk Management Confront interest rate and/or foreign currency volatility with timely risk management.

Our team can help you choose services and solutions to meet your strategic goals. Chapter INVESTMENT ANALYSIS • Determine adequacy of the credit union’s investment policy, procedures, and internal duration.) For example, a board policy specifying permissible interest rate risk (IRR) Concentrations in investments can increase a credit union’s exposure to interest rate, credit, and liquidity risk.


Union carbide corp interest rate risk management
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Union Carbide Corp Interest Rate Risk Management Case Study Help - Case Solution & Analysis