Managing performance

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Performance management: an introduction

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Dealing With Poor Performance

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This Managing Performance and Productivity course covers the management principles needed by today’s supervisors.

It discusses how supervisors can use processes and systems to encourage maximum productivity of their employees. Managing team performance requires a constant balance between people and task – and with the time pressures faced by many people with the responsibility of managing a team, the key question is “how do I do this” and ensure my team is working in the high performance space?

Managing the High Performance Teams [Part1] Introduction. A lot of (High Performance) teams are looking for the magic bullets in terms of GPS tracking, sleep monitoring, saliva analysis, brain wave monitoring and such, while spending millions of dollars on equipment and consultants.

Managing Performance is the procedure of assessment of progress, of an organization, towards a desired goal.

Change Management for Managing Performance

It is the measurement, analysis and optimization of resources to provide a service to a level that has been agreed upon. Identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks, including human and financial capital is a major challenge.

How to manage poor performance in the workplace

The lack of a sophisticated problem-solving competency across your organization’s leaders, managers and employees limits their ability to adequately deal with risks facing your business.

Managing performance
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Managing the High Performance Teams [Part1] - Complementary Training