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Using teaching case studies for management research

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Academy of Management Journal on Learning and Education. Boyatzis, R. E. (). Intentional Change Theory from a Complexity Perspective (vol. 25, issue 7, pp. ). In this study, we systematically review and meta-analyze the evidence for pediatric hospital discharge interventions that are associated with reduced health care use.

By reference to a recently completed study of IS consultant engagement success factors this paper presents an analysis of the benefits of integrating case study and survey research methods.

The emphasis is on the qualitative case study method and how it can compliment more quantitative survey research. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Online offers complete coverage of the Journal, with full-text articles starting from to the to the full-text is available to Academy members and personal subscribers.

Access to tables of contents and abstracts is complimentary.

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Seven Ways to Boost Case Acceptance with Point-of-Sale Financing. Offering financing options is crucial to the success of every dental practice, but it’s only useful if patients actually take advantage of it.

Academy of management journal case study
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